Frequently Asked Questions

Will my insurance company pay for the procedure?
Some insurance companies do cover this procedure. To assist those patients whose insurance will not cover the procedure, MWT has established an "all-in-one" rate that covers the treating physician, anesthesiologist and facility. We offer payment by Visa, MasterCard or check.

How long will I be at the hospital and how long is the treatment?
Plan on a 3 to 4 hour stay from the time you arrive. The actual treatment will take approximately 20 minutes. The extra time is for you to be registered, evaluated by the anesthesiologist and other physicians, and to recover.

What do I wear?
You should wear comfortable clothing when you arrive for the procedure.

How will I feel after the procedure and when can I go back to work?
Normally it takes approximately 4-12 weeks for the foot or elbow to improve. Many patients, immediately after treatment, experience relief of pain. This is thought to be from the effects of the shock wave therapy. The pain level usually returns to the pretreatment level within 3-4 days. Your physician will ultimately determine when you may return to work, although most patients typically return the next day.

Will I feel any pain during the treatment?
You will have anesthesia administered prior to your treatment to keep you comfortable during the treatment itself. This anesthesia will enable you to lie still so you can be treated. This procedure without anesthesia would be very painful.

What happens after the treatment?
You will be sent to outpatient recovery for observation and when the doctors feel you are ready to go home, you will be discharged.

What are the expected results?
Treatment with the OssaTron® has been proven to be effective more than 80% of the time for heel patients with only one treatment, and 96% of those patients retain their success after one year. In elbow patients, 90% have successful outcomes, and 91% retain their success after one year. Some patients report immediate pain relief after treatment, although it can take up to four weeks for pain relief to begin.

What if I have a special health condition?
The safety and effectiveness of OssaTron® treatments has not yet been determined on people with the following health conditions:
  • tarsal tunnel syndrome or other nerve entrapment disorders
  • diabetic neuropathy
  • fracture of the foot or ankle
  • significant peripheral vascular disease
  • severe osteoarthritis
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • osteoporosis
  • metabolic disorders
  • malignancies
  • Paget's disease
  • osteomyelitis
  • systemic infection
Your doctor will provide you with information about how these and other health conditions might affect the decision to perform OssaTron® treatment.

What are possible side effects/complications?
OssaTron® treatment has minimal risks. In some cases it can cause skin reddening, bruising or tingling. There may be changes in pain or temporary numbness.

Some patients reported a recurrence or episodes of pain following treatment, which may continue for a few days to several weeks. It is also normal to have some residual pain after intense exercise, a full day of work on your feet or heavy lifting/repetitive activities using your elbow.

Who should consider OssaTron® treatment?
Treatment is recommended for patients who have had chronic proximal plantar fasciopathy or lateral epicondylitis for six months or more and who have tried at least three other non-surgical therapies, under physician monitoring, without success.

Who should not have OssaTron® treatment?
The OssaTron® is not recommended for:
  • anyone who is currently taking medications for bleeding problems or has a history of bleeding or blood clotting problems
  • children
  • pregnant women
Is it safe?
Developed in 1991 and widely used in Europe, the OssaTron® is the first device specifically designed and FDA-approved for orthopedic use. A wealth of medical experience, state-of-the-art engineering and optimal quality have been built into the OssaTron® and extensive clinical studies and tests have confirmed its safety and efficacy.

Who can I call if I have any questions about OssaTron® treatment?
We at Midwest Therapy would be happy to answer any of your questions. Please call us at (314) 835-1549. You can also contact your orthopedic surgeon or podiatrist if you have questions or concerns about the procedure with the OssaTron®. Your physician has extensive knowledge and specialized training on the OssaTron® procedure.