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Cyrosurgery of the prostate is a treatment option used to destroy tumor cells in the prostate by freezing them, rather than surgically removing them or using radiation by seed implants or external beam.

Currently there are several treatment options for prostate cancer. The plan developed by your physician depends on the stage of the disease and the grade of the tumor. Other important factors in planning the treatment are the man's age and general health and his feelings about the treatments and their possible side effects.

Cryosurgery, a controlled freezing of the prostate is now a recognized alternative to surgical removal of the prostate or radiation therapy.

Cryosurgery is less invasive then traditional surgery and has reported fewer complications.

Cryosurgery can be done as an outpatient procedure, but usually the patient remains in the hospital for one night.

Cryosurgery can be utilized as a treatment option for failed radiation treatment.


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