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Q) What is cryosurgery?
A) Cryosurgery is the use of extreme cold to destroy cancer cells. An instrument called a cryoprobe is placed in contact with the tumor. Ultrasound is used during the freezing process to spare nearby healthy tissue.

Q) What types of cancer are treated with cryosurgery?
A) Cryosurgery has been proven to be an effective therapy for certain kidney, liver and prostate cancers. Researchers are studying its effectiveness as a treatment for some tumors of the bone, brain, spinal tumors, non-small cell lung and breast cancer.

Q) What are the advantages of cryosurgery?
A) Cryosurgery offers some advantages over other methods of treatment. It can be done less invasively by using small incisions to insert the cryoprobes. Consequently, pain, bleeding, other complications of surgery and recovery time are minimized. Because the treatment using cryosurgery is controlled to a limited area, destruction of nearby health tissue is minimized. The treatment can be safely repeated and may be used along with standard treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Q) What are the disadvantages of cryosurgery?
A) The major disadvantage of cryosurgery is the limited number of studies documenting its long term effectiveness. Insurance coverage issues may arise as this treatment option success is being further documented.

Q) If I have any questions about Cryosurgery treatment who can I call?
A) We at Midwest Stone Institute would be happy to answer any of your questions (314) 835-1549.

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